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Should Women be Serving in the Infantry?

  • Family Institute
  • October 2, 2017

A decades long struggle has been going on within the leadership of our Armed Forces and the political decision makers to whom they are accountable. You should know about this important issue of women in the military if you do not already. It concerns an effort to redesign and reshape our military and has far-ranging implications for the security of this country.

Imagine a day in the future when your precious daughter is not just asked to enlist in the military, but required to. That’s where our military is heading as extreme political correctness and radical feminism attempts to shape the cultural norms in our country.

This issue is not about equality or viewing women as equal in strength to men. That is the baseless argument used by proponents of expanding the role of women on the frontlines. In actuality, this issue should be about protecting and caring for the wives and daughters we cherish in our lives.

How Did We Get to This Point?

The U.S. Congress first began considering the radical notion of authorizing women in combat in the early 1990s. Hearings were held in June 1991 featuring generals, senators, and feminists to discuss this issue that would have ramifications for generations to follow.

To be clear, women have made positive impacts in our military. However, if women are put on the front lines of battle, they will be subjected to the most brutal and demanding challenges known to humanity.

War is the closest thing to hell on earth. To capture this, allow me introduce a poignant comment during the Congressional hearings from General Robert Barrow, a national war hero who had witnessed death and the worst kind of tragedy over 41 years of military service:

“Women give life, sustain life, nurture life; they don’t take it. I just cannot imagine why we are engaged in this debate about the possibility even of pushing women down into the ground combat part of our profession.”

General Barrow added: “Combat is finding and closing with and killing or capturing the enemy if you’re down in the ground combat scheme of things. It’s killing, that’s what it is. And it’s done in an environment that is often as difficult as you can possibly imagine–extreme climate, brutality, death, and dying. It’s uncivilized! And women can’t do it, nor should they be even thought of as doing it.”

General Barrow’s words that day reveal his passion about the issue being debated. He was pleading with his colleagues and the nation not to make a tragic mistake. But the campaign for political correctness went on unabated under Bill Clinton.

Nearly two decades later, Barack Obama continued President Clinton’s efforts to implement his social agenda as political correctness ran amok in the Pentagon and elsewhere in government.

– In 2010, Congress complied and passed the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act. It ended the policy that had been in place since 1993, which had allowed them to serve only if they kept their sexual orientation secret and the military did not learn of their sexual orientation.

– In 2013, military departments opened 14,325 positions to women under the new exceptions to the exclusion rule. On January 24, 2013, then-Secretary Leon Panetta rescinded the rule that restricted women from serving in combat units.

– Since 2015, the Army has brought more than 640 women into previously closed specialties in the Field Artillery, Ordnance, and Combat Engineer career fields.

– As of 2016, the Marine Corps has integrated 18 women into load bearing combat units and 156 into non-load bearing units.

That was not all. Senator John McCain, operating behind closed doors and out of your sight, succeeded in getting language in a Senate bill to “Draft America’s Daughters.” He then set up an expensive, three-year commission to “study” the issue and ultimately do what McCain really wants: universal compulsory national service.

That means paving the way toward sending your wives and daughters into combat on the frontline. This is taking women in the military to an extreme level of political correctness that risks damaging the entire foundation of our culture by sending the bearers of life to the frontlines of death.

How Can We Respond to Women on the Frontline?

How about it, Mothers and Fathers? Do you want your daughters engaged in combat situations during national emergencies?

The Pentagon has already decided that women will help fight our wars. Speaking personally, I resent Senator McCain and other members of Congress for trying to ram this policy down the throats of American families.

Contact Military Representatives to Voice Your Opinion:

  • Congressman Duncan Hunter – Washington D.C. Office: 202-225-5672
  • Senator John McCain – Washington D.C. Office: 202-224-2235
  • Secretary of Defense, James Mattis: 703-571-3343 (leave a voicemail)

Sooner or later, America will face another war that will threaten our national survival. It is inevitable. Plato said, “Only dead men have seen an end to war.” Will we be ready for the next crisis? Will another “Greatest Generation” emerge that is prepared to shed its blood, sweat, and tears? Or will we dissipate our resolve and our energies on foolishness and squandered resources?

American families, let your voices be heard. The White House and Congress need to know where you stand that you do not support this approach to women in the military. It is not a form of “equality,” it is a form of psychological torture and physical death that we should be shielding our wives and daughters from.

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Dr. James Dobson

Dr. James Dobson

Since 1977, Dr. James Dobson has been a leading voice and advocate for families, helping marriages and parents thrive through Biblically-based advice. Dr. Dobson has authored more than 30 books, was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, and his dairy radio broadcast provides encouragement to Christians around the world.

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