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A Portrait of George H.W. Bush

Paying Tribute to a Man of Honor

  • Jenna Ellis, Latest
  • December 5, 2018

Our culture is currently fixated on demonizing the past; viewing and critiquing history through the lens of the moment, without recognizing what obstacles, challenges, and decisions were going on for those leaders at that time. This does not mean we cannot critique them, but we should do so honestly, understanding the continued obligation of great leaders to remain vigilant to preserve and protect the family in every generation.

Today on Family Talk, Dr. James Dobson remembers and honors former President George H.W. Bush. I encourage you to listen to this broadcast, which was originally recorded in August 1992. Not only does it give us a glimpse into an era of our American past, but also provides an opportunity to learn from our great leaders and their legacies.

What stood out to me most, and something I think you’ll find fascinating about the discussion between George H.W. Bush and Dr. Dobson, is how openly the former president talked about morality and family values while in office. Is it truly progress for America to shy away from such candor about the essentials for faith, freedom, and culture? Now, instead of lauding strong moral virtue, the progressives push for more “separation of church and state.”

The reality is that our form of government doesn’t just allow deeply held convictions and faith from our leaders—it requires morality and virtue from them. No elected leader will be perfect, but we must collectively preserve traditional family values if we are to succeed in guaranteeing freedom for all and the rights we so deeply cherish, including freedom of belief, free exercise of religion, parental rights, and the ability to self-govern. We also have the freedom to select and prefer Christians as our government leaders.

We can learn something from our past leaders and the decisions they made to pass on the torch of freedom from their generation to ours. Let us boldly take up that mantle as we honor former President George H.W. Bush, and remember that being a “kinder, gentler nation” does not mean we are soft. It means we firmly, courageously, and with sincere conviction kindly speak Truth into our world.

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Jenna Ellis, Esq.

Jenna Ellis, Esq.

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