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February 5, 2019

The James Dobson Family Institute Issues Urgent Warning to Colorado Families After Legislators Ignore Massive Outcry over Sex Ed Bill

House Bill 1032 has cleared committee and is headed to Colorado’s General Assembly where it can be passed into law.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — In the early morning hours of Jan. 31, after 10 hours of debate and more than 300 concerned citizens in attendance, Colorado’s Democratic House committee passed House Bill 1032, clearing it for a General Assembly vote. The legislation would repeal a 2013 law which provided exemptions for charter schools to select different sex ed criteria, as well as mandating public school children as young as nine years old learn about LGBT relationships in class in an expanded curriculum related to “different relationship models.” Furthermore, the bill would also prohibit public schools from teaching abstinence-only sex ed. In reaction, the James Dobson Family Institute issues the following statement:

“It seems everywhere we look these days, Democratic-led state legislatures are racing to the far left on many of the most divisive social issues of our time. In the same week that New York, Virginia and Rhode Island shocked the nation by advancing (and in the case of New York, passing) late-term abortion laws that amount to nothing short of infanticide, our very own home state of Colorado is attempting to advance dangerous legislation which would prohibit traditional family values being taught in our public school sex ed courses. House Bill 1032 would mandate and expand the teaching of ‘different relationship models,’ such as LGBT relationships, to some of our youngest children all while prohibiting abstinence-only teaching. The bill would furthermore remove exemptions from a 2013 law, which up until now has allowed charter schools to teach more traditional values in class should they choose to do so.

“If you believe marriage should be between a man and a woman, HB 1032 says too bad, your ideas are antiquated. If you believe that sex is meant to be between a husband and wife, this bill says you should just give up those old notions because young people are going to do as they please anyway. If you believe it’s a parent’s sole right and responsibility to teach their child about what healthy sexuality looks like, this bill robs you of that right and hands it over to the government. If you simply believe there should be more options for parents who can’t afford private school, where their children can learn traditional family values about relationships and sexuality, this bill says your ideas no longer matter in America.

“House Bill 1032 is a clear offense to our deeply held Christian convictions, and runs contrary to the value systems of millions of Colorado families. This legislation also removes local control of our schools and represents a fundamental attack on parental rights. For all of these reasons, the JDFI condemns House Bill 1032 in the strongest possible terms and will work to stop it before it can be signed into law. The JDFI calls on all citizens of Colorado of faith and traditional values to contact their state legislators and join together in this urgent fight to ensure HB 1032 does not pass the General Assembly.”

Contact your state legislators urging them to oppose HB 1032

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