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Why It's Important to Remember Our Christian Heritage on 9/11

Why It’s Important to Remember Our Christian Heritage on 9/11

  • Family Institute, Family Talk, Jenna Ellis
  • September 11, 2018

I was working at the Colorado Capitol for the lieutenant governor on 9/11. Back then, we didn’t have metal detectors or any security. It was a public building so we all just walked in. Then everything changed.

America went through a tragedy that ultimately made her stronger—briefly. As we look back to 17 years ago, how is America truly stronger today, so divided, so secular, so entrenched in celebrating sin, so reticent to honor the foundation of God’s Truth this country was built upon?

I believe America is actually worse off ideologically today than we were on 9/11. We have lost our standard in our moral authority.

And we are facing another game-changing event in November, as Dr. Dobson urges Christians to get out and vote. This November election won’t come as a surprise like the events of 9/11, yet rather than uniting us as Christian-Americans, our country is more divided than ever and more morally corrupt than ever.

We need to realize that our common cause here is not our country, but Christ, and because of Christ, our country. The Founders of America realized that and set out to create a new sovereignty that would hold the Truth of the Supreme Judge of the Universe (the Declaration’s name for God) as our country’s standard and specific recognition of authority.

America must unite once again and kneel before the Supreme Judge and honor the standard of His authority in all things, including our government, our families, and our churches.

As we remember 9/11, we must also remember He who gave His life not for a country, but for all people who call upon His name to be saved. Please pray with Dr. Dobson and me today that America would remember once again our standard and our authority:

“In God We Trust.”

And please get out and vote in November!

Posted In: Family Institute, Family Talk, Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis, Esq.

Jenna Ellis, Esq.

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